Sunday, December 16, 2012



Hye! Now, I want to share about literature. We start with the poem.



1.Appreciation of own's own country from every perspective.

= Every country is individualistic from the perspectives of culture,language, people and lifestyle. We may not have what other countries have but what we have should appreciate because they giveus that special, individualistic touch.

2. Appreciation of nature.

= Nature encompasses all forms of life, plants and animals and they are central to man's survival.

3. Beauty of nature.

= Nature in whatever form isbeautiful. When we look at the sun, rain or plants and insects, their beauty can take our breath away. These beautiful things are all around us.

Okayh. I can give you only three. That is because, I'm tired for typing these.. Capek deh..

Moral Values

.. We should value of what we have

... Nature is beautiful and we are surrounded by its many beautiful things.

..... Learn to look at things and realise that every pasrt of Earth has the same things as there is only one Earth, one Sun and one Moon.

Poetic Devices

1. Sound Devices
  - Alliteration : Sun shines , sways and shivers , beats like bullets
  - Onomatopoeia : swish of water

2. Literary Devices
   - bersambung...